Photo by Yishai Shapir                     

Eran Stern


One of my greatest passions is teaching, and coming from the Graphic and Animation world,
it was only natural for me to combine both loves.
I have established a track record in helping designers to improve their skills with
visual effects and motion graphics. Spreading that knowledge and seeing my students shine
through their own talent and aptitude for motion design, leaves me content and enthusiastic
towards a new generation of designers.


In 2007, I founded A training hub with free tutorials and full-length courses
I was also honored to act as the Head of Motion Graphics Department in Shenkar for more than 12 years.
As an Adobe Expert, I am invited regularly to speak in international conferences, such as: NAB;
After Effects World; Keyframes and Adobe MAX.
I am part of the creative team at Future Media Concepts and I’ve created a handful of online courses for LinkedIn Learning.
Since I can remember myself I’m a collector of music, movies, books and great memories.


I’m based in London and live on the verge between geekiness and coolness.