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Compositing in Ae

Learn how to overcome problems when compositing layers and matching shots, and explore a few “recipes” for popular effects.

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Interview by Pond5

A conversation about inspiration and challenges in the world of content creation.

Design storyline in a frame

“A good film originates from a great still frame” my first year students start their studies based on this statement…

FREE Ae Template

Together with BlueFx we are offering a FREE After Effects template which you can customized for your own needs.

Ae and Me

After Effects is celebrating the 20-year anniversary. This is a chance to tell my story with the program.

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3D Typography in Ae

Compare between different 3D Type options and discuss techniques to ensure your work looks great and your message is clear.

After Effects Weekly

Short After Effects tips that will make you a better and more efficient mograph artist

Hands Up!

Cyber crime show open which blend analog and high tech

Replace 3D texture in Post

Use the Re:Map plugin in After Effects to replace 3D texture in post