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Interview by Pond5

A conversation about inspiration and challenges in the world of content creation.

Design storyline in a frame

“A good film originates from a great still frame” my first year students start their studies based on this statement…

FREE Ae Template

Together with BlueFx we are offering a FREE After Effects template which you can customized for your own needs.

Ae and Me

After Effects is celebrating the 20-year anniversary. This is a chance to tell my story with the program.

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Compositing in Ae

Learn how to overcome problems when compositing layers and matching shots, and explore a few “recipes” for popular effects.

Improving Efficiency with Ae

Improving Efficiency with After Effects Power Tips – a replay of MAX 2021 lab

After Effects Weekly

Short After Effects tips that will make you a better and more efficient mograph artist

Moving T-Shirts

Design an animate T-Shirts and track them using Mocha for AE