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Creating a TV Stinger

Create a short clip that appears after a commercial break or closing credits in After Effects

After Effects Weekly

Short After Effects tips that will make you a better and more efficient mograph artist

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Interview by Pond5

A conversation about inspiration and challenges in the world of content creation.

Design storyline in a frame

“A good film originates from a great still frame” my first year students start their studies based on this statement…

FREE Ae Template

Together with BlueFx we are offering a FREE After Effects template which you can customized for your own needs.

Ae and Me

After Effects is celebrating the 20-year anniversary. This is a chance to tell my story with the program.

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Shapes, Text, Masks & Paths

Learn how to make the most out of shapes, masks, text, and path effects in After Effects

Refine Soft Matte

Isolate fine edges such as hair or vegetation in After Effects

Offset Animation

Computer code animation using the Offset effect

Breakout Coffee

Remove unwanted text, tack and replace objects in After Effects