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Compositing in Ae

Learn how to overcome problems when compositing layers and matching shots, and explore a few “recipes” for popular effects.

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Fix it in Post

Fixing white balance, relighting, flickering, cosmetic skin issues, color matching, common audio problems and more.

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Logo Animation Techniques

This course takes six real-world vector designs and uses After Effects to build short openers for each logo.

N-Trig Commercial

Reverse engineer a commercial made with After Effects to understand the creative decisions that was made along the way.

Social Tech Infographics

How to decode a client brief, perform storyboarding in Illustrator, and transition the design to Ae for animation.

3D Titling for Editors

Work through real-world scenarios, showcasing impressive type effects used to create visually stunning scenes.

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Interview by Pond5

A conversation about inspiration and challenges in the world of content creation.

Design storyline in a frame

“A good film originates from a great still frame” my first year students start their studies based on this statement…

FREE Ae Template

Together with BlueFx we are offering a FREE After Effects template which you can customized for your own needs.

Ae and Me

After Effects is celebrating the 20-year anniversary. This is a chance to tell my story with the program.

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Yanobox Mosaic

Pixel texturing & ASCII effects with adaptive tiling with Yanobox Mosaic plugin

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Grow your VFX skills!

Come to AVW to advance your video editing and motion graphics skills.

Wind Energy Type

Integrating type into a spinning wind turbine using After Effects